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Updated: Bradley Cooper To Play Vince McMahon?

UPDATED: I think quite a few people thought this might have been a joke.  But it is not.  The movie about the Genetic Jackhammer is still moving.  They’ve even got a title for it, Pandemonium, according to PWInsider.  The script has been completed and is being sent to Bradley Cooper, if he likes the script, the movie is going ahead.

Cooper will hit the gym to put on the lbs of muscle, then play Vince McMahon throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s, with the steroid scandal also appearing.  McMahon famously boasted that he ‘defeated the FBI’ at their own game.

Anyway, since we’re talking about who could make a good Vince McMahon, I think if Cooper turns it down, there would be no better than Holt McCallany.  Same size, definitely capable of ‘amping it up’ with a deranged/intense Irish lunacy.

McCallany’s cameo/bit role was funny in Bullet to the Head.

PREVIOUSLY: Did you know, that they’re making a movie about the Genetic Jackhammer?  Now, according to PWInsider, the role has been offered to Bradley Cooper.  Whether or not he has accepted remains to be seen.

John Requa & Glenn Ficarra (“Focus,” “Crazy, Stupid, Love”) are set to helm a biopic about Vince McMahon, owner of World Wrestling Entertainment. Or the WWF, as it was known when it wasn’t insufferable girlie man shit.

But nonetheless, McMahon’s antics would make for a good story.

First, he bought out competitors and forced those who wouldn’t sell out of business. Then he faced off against the FBI in a steroid scandal. Then he made Steve Austin and The Rock in the Monday Night Wars, some of the best television ever, with muck slinging out front, and lawsuits backstage between both the WWF and WCW.

What they probably won’t cover in this movie however, is how exactly McMahon came to buy WCW for a paltry 2.4 million. Some argue that this was all WCW was worth, since they lost a TV contract. But this is ridiculous, because 9 months earlier WCW was valued at $500 million. And even then its owners refused to sell because they thought Fox’s offer (half a billion) wasn’t enough.

Former head WCW booker Kevin Sullivan, and others, have insisted that industrial sabotage was at play and the company was sold illegally… just another chapter in Vinny Mac’s story I suppose.