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Brigitte Bardot Is Tired Of ‘MeToo’

Brigitte Bardot is possibly the most beautiful actress of the 20th century, maybe only having competitors in the likes of Claudia Cardinale.  Bardot is the proto Pamela Anderson, without the surgery or effort.  Anytime Brigitte speaks, it’s always interesting.  Especially since certain people in Europe hate her guts for loving her country and critisizing growing political extremism.

Bardot, indeed, is tired of the current ‘MeToo’ campaign.

“The vast majority are being hypocritical and ridiculous,” she told the French magazine Paris Match.

“Lots of actresses try to play the tease with producers to get a role. And then, so we will talk about them, they say they were harassed,” declared the 83-year-old patriot.

“I was never the victim of sexual harassment. And I found it charming when men told me that I was beautiful or I had a nice little backside,”  Bardot I’m sure would’ve been the target of many what would now be called ‘perverts’, but obviously took it in her stride.

Maybe some women can’t command the attention, especially of men, like someone like Brigitte Bardot can.  Bardot is ten times the woman of one hundred entitled actresses running around these days.  So they’re just bitter, deluded, crazy… take your pick.