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Dundee Revealed As Giant Troll Hoax

That ‘Dundee’ trailer came out a while back, a teaser.  People wondered how a sequel to a big series could just emerge out of the blue, but given how shitty it looked, it simply looked par for the course.  I mean, Kindergarten Cop 2 was a thing; appeared out of the blue and was poor.  This is how cash-in sequels work.

Well, it turns out Dundee is a troll job (or marketing stunt).

 The Brisbane Times reports the brief teasers so far are part of an advertising campaign for Tourism Australia, set to air during next month’s NFL Super Bowl.  Well, I suppose it got people talking and that is the point of marketing.

Still, I’m kind of worried that it might gain so much traction that someone, somewhere, will order a script.  And you know I’m not even joking.  Add a cameo from Paul Hogan and another from Chris Hemsworth, and the bean counters will order a real poster and a real teaser trailer.