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Further Details On John Wick TV Series

There is a John Wick TV series coming, centered around the assassin hotel seen in the main movies.  The latest talk is of Ian McShane’s Winston’s manager, there is talk of having him potentially appearing on the series:

“There are certainly conversations about having Ian McShane back. The good part is we have some sort of insight into his schedule because of our involvement in American Gods. We’re in conversations with Ian.”

Speaking with Slashfilm after the panel, Starz’s President of Original Programming Carmi Zlotnick  confirms that the intention is to produce eight hour long episodes of the series per season, and the main character will be a new one entering the Continental world around the same time the events of the film take place:

“He won’t be an assassin at the very beginning. I don’t want to give too much about the story away, but it’s somebody who is new to the world. His origin story, when you go back to the beginning, unknown to him, has some ties to the world.

I think the story will be told present day, but a lot of the present day drama will be informed by what happened in the past. I think the timeline for this show runs parallel with the timelines of the movies. So they’re contemporaneous but they’re separate. These are separate characters, separate stories. It’s set in the John Wick world.

Usually we think about eight episodes for a first season. Usually trying to do more can be a bridge too far, but we’re discussing it. I think it’s always got to fit the needs of the story as well. Yeah, this is an action show. [Director] Chad [Stahelski]’s involved, we expect that whole gun fu aspect to it. That’s the nature of the franchise.”