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Holt McCallany Joins Angel Has Fallen

Holt McCallany, star of manly movies such as Bullet to the Head or Shot Caller, is going to star alongside Gerard Butler in Angel Has Fallen.

McCallany is set to play an old and close friend of Butler’s Secret Service agent Mike Banning called Wade Jennings. The leading role is an ex-military man who is now the head of technology company. As one would expect from the Fallen flicks, McCallany’s Jennings is playing more than one side in the Ric Roman Waugh directed threequel.

The third movie supposedly focuses on a terrorist attack on Air Force One.  So maybe we’ll get some get off my plane-isms.  The first movie grossed 170 million.  The second movie 205 million.

So now, what can they do with the third movie?  Let’s aim for a quarter of a billion, and McCallany will sure help.