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Sensei Seagal Has Written An Action Novel About Deep State Traitors!

As well as being a musician, martial arts instructor, natural healer and director, Steven Seagal is also an author.  Here and there you’ll hear him talk real politik, about the ‘deep state’ which runs the show in the west and keeps the battery hens entertained with a pseudo left/right paradigm.

Well now, Steven Seagal is also an author!  And has parlayed his real life experience with said people into an action novel.

The novel is titled:

The Way Of The Shadow Wolves: The Deep State And The Hijacking Of America

Here is the synopsis for the action novel:

This is the story of an Arizona Tribal police officer who stumbles onto one of the of the biggest cases in the history of the Southwest. He is a member of an elite group within the Native American communities known as The Shadow Wolves. What comes with his discovery is the uncovering of massive corruption in places where he once had placed his total trust.

Shadow Wolves is a book of fiction based on reality. Both author’s have worked with, confronted, and seen the power of the Deep State and the manner in which many federal government agencies willfully violate the Constitution and the laws of the land in service to special interests.

The 2016 election has for the first time made many American citizens aware that the Deep State is very real; that the mainstream media is a fake news media offering a false narrative designed by the secret intelligence world in service to special interests.

The fight for America’s soul is taking place far from Washington, D.C. This is a story of one small group of patriots fighting the good fight.

See, no way you’d get a movie made about this.  After all, the same people who are the villains in the book control the entertainment industry.  But (for now), books are still a relative free form of expression.  The The foreword is by Sheriff Joe Arpaio, manly man who is also at war with the ‘Deep State’.

Gentlemen, I’m buying this fucking book!  And I’m going to review it.

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  • Anoyster

    Has The Sensei written the definitive Manly Scripture? It will be known once a few centuries has passed and we reference to the work of Grandmaster Seagal for wisdom and worldly lessons that he so graciously bestows upon his devotees.

    • The Night Rider
      • The Night Rider
        • Mucho Macho

          1) You know the reporter fucked Sensei after the interview
          2) This past monday evening there was a national championship game of College American Football. President Trump attended the game which took place in Atlanta, Georgia and almost the entire Stadium cheered him but the media has refused to cover that and some broadcasts did not even mention that he was there.

          I guess since it wasn’t California those people don’t matter

          • The Night Rider

            You mean it was the first American football game with a full crowd in a whole year?!

          • Mucho Macho

            It was a national college game championship. Because of players kneeling for the anthem people started boycotting the games. Come playoff time in the NFL the stadiums have been pack like the Jaguars vs Buffalo game in Florida a few days ago.

            Colin Kaepernick the former QB for the 49rs started the protests and the controversy my kneeling down for the anthem. He gets his ass kissed a lot by the left wing media. The Miami Dolphins had a spot open at the quarterback position cause of injury this year and people protested the fact that Colin Kaepernick was not offer the job but the fucking idiots don’t realize that the guy the year before while playing Miami in a post-game press conference talked about civil rights wearing a Fidel Castro T-shirt. Yeah your player at the most important position for the Miami team wearing a Fidel Castro t-shirt …I’m sure he would have sold a lot of tickets..LOL
            The left doesnt get that. Not even Tony Montana like Castro in Miami😂

  • Jeff

    Must-have for me too.

  • GWB 8219

    I already bought. Amazon delivered it today. Kinda funny how the artist who did the cover slimmed him down by 80lbs. I am sure he will have written in a set of 6 pack abs for his character.

  • Mucho Macho

    Sensei Seagal wrote a book?!?!?!
    It will go down in history as “Bible 2.0”

  • John D Ashton

    I read about this release a few weeks ago, I’m gonna buy it soon!

  • Avengder max

    I bought it then went back in time to nazi Germany and gave it to hitler …he burnt it at least he wasn’t all bad.