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Butler Readies For Some ‘Afterburn’

Gerard Butler keeps pushing out them manly movies.  Soon, he will star in Afterburn, from director Jung Byung-gil.  He was the director of The Villainess, see trailer above.

In the movoei, five years after a solar flare disrupts all technology in Europe, a treasure hunter (Butler) goes to France to retrieve the Mona Lisa. Paired with a strong willed weapons expert with her own agenda, the two search for the famed painting and encounter unexpected enemies along the way. They are eyeing future story lines where the character searches for such treasures as England’s Crown Jewels, the Star of India, or China’s Imperial Treasures.

Butler also has Hunter Killer and Angel Has Fallen on the horizon.  Looks like a slate of manly movies with no more rom-coms in sight.

Thanks to: Sergei