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Eastwood’s New Manly Man Movie Under Attack

Clint Eastwood has a new movie out featuring manly men taking down terrorists before they can cut someone’s head off on Liveleak, or something.  The movie, 15:17 to Paris, is the true life story of American heroes helping out Europeans on a train, when Islamic terrorists stalk them as prey.

Strange then that a celebration of heroics should come under attack.  Because that is what is happening.  Let us begin.  The Daily Beast compares it to Eastwood’s legendary ‘Empty Chair Speech’ and says:

It’s hard to fathom how, in this era of superlative children’s performances on TV (Stranger Things) and in film (It), the director could have settled on these Afterschool Special­-grade performers.

The cast by the way, is played by the real heroes themselves.  So what, they’re not trained actors?  You’re going to call them ‘Special-Grade’ performers?  That doesn’t sound too PC to me.

This was not enough however.  The same website requires two writers shitting on one movie.  For the same reason.  Karen Han also took a shot or two;

How Clint Eastwood’s Movies Devolved into Jingoistic Garbage
‘The 15:17 to Paris’ is a terrible misfire for the celebrated actor-cum-director, whose post-RNC speech output appears to be defined by uninspired flag-waving.

Elsewhere, the Daily Mail calls the movie the worst film Eastwood has ever made, and takes issue with the Christian subtext, as well as getting a good old dose of gun-grabber preaching going.

In that sacred American way, incidentally, their Christianity is not incompatible with an obsession with firearms.

Some decide to follow the Daily Beast and open their reviews about a movie with a shot at Eastwood’s age (someone has to keep the ageists in check) and political inclinations, while others wailed that it was a recruitment video for the army.  I mean, we could probably go on here all night.