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UPDATED: ‘Irishman’ Budget Balloons

UPDATED:  The budget for this film seems to be getting ever higher.  First it was $100 million.  Then it moved to $125 million.  Now it has moved to $140 million and is probably going to go even higher.

Filming of the movie has now completed, but there is a lot of post production to be done, with de-aging effects being a big part of the movie.

PREVIOUSLY: It turns out that The Irishman is now with Netflix, which Robert De Niro is now hyping.  Speaking to Deadline, the actor had nothing but praise for the streaming giant:

“We need the money to do it right and it just wasn’t financeable in another way, in the traditional film way if you will. They’re trying to really do it as the best it’s ever been. We’re doing the young stuff first and taking it decade by decade so that later the oldest stuff will be closer to our own age.

So they’re trying to really make it as good as they can make it and that’s the goal that it can be something special that everyone would want to see and see it done as well as it can at this point. I’m excited by it and looking forward to doing it.”

The movie is also now said to have a $100 million budget, with much of that going towards de-aging technology.  Harvey Keitel is also now rumored for the movie.

Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Bobby Cannavale and Joe Pesci are in the film based on Frank Sheeran, a family man who led a double life as a hitman for the mob and had at least 25 murders to his name including the then head of the Teamsters union Hoffa.

Keitel will probably be in ‘The Irishman’

De Niro will play Sheeran but is the only sure lock at this moment. Pacino would play Pennsylvania mafia chief Russell Bufalino, Pesci would be teamster lawyer Bill Bufalino, and Cannavale is a low-level mobster named Skinny Razor.

The movie is based on Charles Brandt’s I Heard You Paint Houses.  It was announced that Netflix was closing a deal to acquire all rights to the project which is expected to boast a hefty $100 million price tag due to extensive visual effects to de-age De Niro and others.