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One Bronson Movie On Blu-Ray Isn’t Enough

One Charles Bronson movie on Blu-Ray isn’t enough.  That’s why Mill Creek Entertainment is releasing four of them together in the Charles Bronson Collection.  Expect this release early April.  Further info below!


Internationally acclaimed action star, Charles Bronson, is the definitive on-screen “tough guy.” His legendary status was solidified in the midst of his career with a series of leading roles in gritty, crime dramas.   This action-packed collection showcases his diverse career with 4 knockout films!

THE VALACHI PAPERS (1972) – The cold-blooded, no holds barred, adaptation of Joseph Valachi’s explosive testimony while in prison that exposed unthinkable mob activity in the United States.

THE STONE KILLER (1973) – Crime drama about a tough New York cop who discovers that a gangster is planning a massacre; revenge for a shootout which introduced non-Sicilian elements to organized crime.

BREAKOUT (1975) – A Texas bush pilot is hired by a woman to help break out her husband who is imprisoned in Mexico on a framed charge that was engineered by his Grandfather.

HARD TIMES (1975) – Walter Hill’s directorial debut is a raw, bare-knuckled view of street brawlers starring Bronson as a quiet but brutal fighter supported by a chatty and sly promoter played by James Coburn.