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Paul Orndorff On His Missed Rambo Opportunity

A new video was uploaded this week to the ‘Wrestling Shoot Vault’, where ex-wrestler Paul Orndorff talks about an attempt he made to leave that industry and move into the movie industry like Jesse Ventura and Hulk Hogan.

Orndorff’s big opportunity was to play the role of Russian henchman Sgt. Yushin, in Rambo: First Blood Part II — Orndorff does not mention this specifically, but I see no other role it could have been.  Sylvester Stallone wanted Orndorff, supposedly, because of his size and square jaw.  Stallone even greeted him with ‘welcome to your new career’.

However, Orndorff says that Vince McMahon blocked his adventure and made damn sure it never happened.  Obviously it did not, the role ultimately went to Voyo Goric, who went on to also have roles in Lionheart, Universal Soldier and Nowhere To Run.

Orndorff says that he regrets not quitting on McMahon every day since.