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They’re Gonna Pay Rock How Much?!

At this point I have honestly lost track of how many upcoming films The Rock is in, all of them huge and most of them action movies.  Now there is yet another.

The Rock will produce Red Notice along with Beau Flynn, Dany Garcia and Hiram Garcia also producing.

Red Notice refers to the highest and most serious of the eight INTERPOL notices and concerns the apprehension of wanted fugitives.  The Rock will play an agent seeking a fugitive.

What’s interesting though is the fee that the man is looking to get just to appear in the film.  It is the subject of a bidding war between Legendary, New Line, Paramount, Sony and Universal and while it was at one point, just earlier this week, $20 million, now it’s headed towards $25 million.

Think of what you could do with $25 million…