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Top Five: Movie Shotguns

5) Modified Mossberg 5500 – RoboCop


The old boom stick is one of the manliest weapons you’re going to see in movies.  Time for a list of the best to appear on our screens.  Starting with Clarence Boddicker’s modified Mossberg 5500.  I like the futuristic look of this weapon, for the ’80s at least, very badass, slick and minimal.  This is an unusual shotgun and created by production.  A shortened barrel is covered with a heat shield.  Additional modification includes a telescoping wire stock taken from a Daewoo K1-A1 rifle.  In the movie this weapon is actually OCP property, with Boddicker owning it before Dick Jones gives him (un)official access to their armouries.  Boddicker is a cop killer, so we can speculate how he ended up with it…

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