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‘Conjuring’ Writers To Rewrite Die Hard 6

The Conjuring and House of Wax writers Chad and Carey Hayes have been brought aboard to fix a rewrite of the script of Die Hard 6 film at 20th Century Fox reports The Tracking Board.

Len Wiseman is still supposedly returning as director and producer.  Wiseman directed the fourth film, DHINO.  Whether or not Wiseman is aware or even cares about this acronym for that film and wants to make amends remains to be seen.  It should be suggested that the answer is probably negative.

The sixth film, as of the last reports known from it, acted as a prequel set in 1970’s New York, following a young John McClane.  Following negative backlash online, it was revealed that it served as both a prequel and modern day sequel, supposedly jumping back and forth between flashbacks… or something?

Fan confidence for this film has long since been in the toilet.  And since the last movie looked like it was filmed in a Bulgarian quarry, we should probably expect the worst…