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Death Wish Takes A Weak Opening

The recent question of whether Death Wish may turn into a franchise like the original series might have been answered this weekend at the box office.  It’s not exactly lighting it on fire.  Here are the weekend box office results.

1. ‘Black Panther’ $16,304,000
2. ’Red Sparrow’ $6,025,000
3. ‘Death Wish’ $4,275,000
4. ‘Game Night’ $3,035,000
5. ‘Peter Rabbit’ $2,075,000

It did not help that the film has been torn up by people not actually interested in the film as a piece of entertainment, and hammered down to 14% on ‘Rotten Tomatoes’.  That said, the film only had a $30 million budget, so it doesn’t need longer legs like the others.

It has also yet to open in most countries.  Most places won’t see this movie until April.  The first two movies in the top five can be disregarded anyway.  Number one is from the plague — there’s one of those shitty movies at perpetual number one now, and number two looks like hilarious propaganda for dimwits.

So, in one way, Death Wish is number one!