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Metal Gear Movie Still Afloat

Speaking of video game movies…

According to, the Metal Gear Solid movie is still on.  I suppose at one point it must have been off, again, or at least stuck in development hell.  Apparently, Sony are the folks pushing it this time, which makes sense.  A Metal Gear movie, even done halfway right, is probably going to print money.

It is also said that Hideo Kojima will be aboard the project, but only as a consultant if at all.

Since it’s being referred to as Metal Gear Solid, then it must be an adaptation of the game set on Shadow Moses Island.  That’s probably the best entry in the series for most of us.  For those who haven’t played it, it revolves around a group of mercenaries who have taken over a frozen island and are holding the world to ransom with a nuclear-equipped bipedal battle tank.

It’s a good game, damn good even.  Personally, I prefer the remaster on the GameCube (one of the damn few games I bought on that system).

But who to play Snake?  What about…