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Punk Larusso Gloats In 3rd Cobra Kai Teaser

What did we say about Daniel Larusso in previous entries?  He had a knack of sticking his oar into business where it did not belong, being kind of obnoxious along the way.

Now, in the third trailer for Cobra Kai, it seems that Daniel Larusso is more insufferable than ever.

Larusso, now a business man who owns a string of car dealerships, appears to be a highly obnoxious bully now bent on putting small businesses under.  ‘The guy wants to bring Cobra Kai back to the valley?  Not on my watch’.

Who does this man think he is?  A fella, down on his luck, wants to pursue the American dream whilst helping out some youngsters by opening a small sporting establishment.  And someone threatens to put him under before it even starts?

I mean, Johnny was magnanimous in defeat;

… yet punk Larusso is still out to get him, even after moving on his woman too?  Fair’s fair, I think Sensei Johnny should consider calling in some reinforcements…