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Underrated Manly Movies Part IX


Here’s another run down of underrated manly movies.  Note that these aren’t movies that you should urgently seek out, rather films that have in all probability flown under the radar of most.

Starting in no order with The China Syndrome.

In this movie, journalists Jane Fonda and Michael Douglas set out to shoot a routine feature at the local nuclear power plant.  Tuns out the joint is a farce ran by care-free cowboys and while the journalists are there, they get the scoop of a lifetime as the staff at the plant narrowly avoid blowing a hole in North America.  A big hole.

Naturally, the journalists find that you can expose incompetence, but some stories are dangerous for your health.  Expect people getting rammed off the road in cars, Geiger counters and, perhaps, somewhat of an anti climax.

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