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Walking Dead Suffers Worst Ratings Since S1

Who even still watches this show?  The answer is, apparently, fewer and fewer.  Despite the show runners of The Walking Dead boasting about how many more countless seasons they’re going to get out of it, viewers apparently have different ideas.

The latest episode drew a 2.9 rating in adults 18-49 and 6.8 million viewers.  The last time the ratings were this low, going below 3.0, was with the penultimate episode of the first season which drew a 2.8. In total views, the 6.8 million hasn’t been seen since Better Angels which nabbed 6.89 million viewers.

I actually tried to resume on the first half of the latest season but it really is a total car wreck, worse than ever and then some.  You’re not supposed to downright resent the protagonists in a TV show and root for the murderous villain.  You’re also not supposed to have a large TV show like this utilize ‘special effects’ which belong in a Danny Trejo movie.

It’s just really embarrassing at this point.  In future, I’ll check out the YouTube clips of the feral badasses who had the whole thing licked by season 3 get killed.  But even then, this show does the J.R. Ewing thing and brings them back.