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Updated: The Meg (2018) Trailer

UPDATED:  Check out the first trailer below!

Is it that we’ve been hearing less of Jason Statham as of late?  Well aside from making miniature Chelios’ in real life, Statham is going to take on a 40 ton shark in the upcoming man vs. beast thriller Meg.

But since its release is only four months away, why haven’t we heard anything more?

Posting on Facebook, writer Steve Alten confirms that not one but two trailers are complete for the film which stars Jason Statham and explains why we haven’t seen anything yet as the film is due out in just four months:

“I’ve actually seen the two trailers and they are excellent. The powers-that-be decided it would be best to delay their launch from late March until April. The reason has to do with analytics and if the viewing audience sees a trailer too early and then the movie comes out much later, they are left with a false impression that the movie had already been out.

What is important is that the trailers are finished and they WILL come out in April…. Also debuting in April will be the movie poster. I’ve seen the mock-up and I really like it. It features an angle of the MEG that has never appeared on one of my MEG covers.”

Chev Chelios vs. Jaws… how can it get manlier?