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Here’s The New Terminator

Gabriel Luna has been cast in the new Terminator movie.

More importantly, Luna has been cast as ‘The Terminator’, according to Deadline.  It looks like Luna then will play a new type of Terminator, or a T-1000, unless he really starts pushing iron to bulk up for a T-800 role.  Luna is 5’11, taller than Franco Columbu was when he played a T-800, but certainly not as big.

Tim Miller will direct the new movie, which will be a direct sequel to Terminator 2, James Cameron will also be involved, sort of, as Miller’s mentor.  One thing is for sure, as Cameron himself said, the soup has been pissed in.

Actually, since that quote, it’s also had some vomit and shit mixed in.  So salvaging this series is a big job, but I suppose retconning the turds and only acknowledging the first two films is a start.

But please, no grandpa T-800s…