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NEWS: Aliens Sequel, Turtles 1990, Ocean’s…


The best Turtles ever, the 1990 movie version, are making a cameo. In video game form. They will show up in the game Injustice 2 and can be accessed as part of DLC.

It’s good to see the real Turtles back, but man that game looks like shit.


Neil Blomkamp seems quite downbeat when talking about his proposed Aliens sequel to JoBlo this week.  It looks like the sequel is finally dead.

“Yeah, I mean, I wish I could share more, but obviously Fox owns it. It’s just an unfortunate thing. I speak to Sigourney about it sometimes. At this point, it’s kinda like the fire that was burning within me to make that is gone. Stepping outside of even the legal kind of studio-based politics I just feel like its time has come and gone.

So, yeah…I think no. And I say that really reluctantly because I cannot state how much of a fan of Sigourney I am and how much of a fan I am of Alien and Aliens and the idea of doing a sequel to James Cameron’s film is amazing on all levels. But, there’s a point at which when you’re years into it you have to move on. So, I think that has happened to me.”

That would be a real pity, but it doesn’t sound 100%…


Here’s the trailer for the all-female Ocean’s movie. Presented without further comment, apart from… look at those dislikes!


Finally. Look at Drago, behind the scenes in Creed II. Looks like Drago might get into an altercation with someone!