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News: Terminator 6, Creed II, Bautista/Uwais


The release of the new Terminator has been moved back by four months and will now open on November 22nd 2019.

The James Cameron produced, but Tim Miller directed, film was originally slated to open July 26th next year, but the delay has been expected for some time – even before word broke about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s heart surgery last week.

The movie is supposed to be a direct sequel to Terminator 2.


Iko Uwais has joined the cast of the Bautista-led action movie Stuber, for 20th Century Fox. Bautista plays a determined detective who commandeers an unsuspecting Uber and its driver named Stu (Kumail Nanjiani) over one night of hijinks and mayhem.

Not much is known other than that other than the film will have comedic elements too.


Creed II continues to film.  And there are some nice behind the scenes pictures.  The Drago shirt really hits it home… Drago is back.