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And Now, For The Best News All Year!

And now we get down to the best news all year.

Mel Gibson is not only returning to directing, but he’s going to direct another WW2 movie.  And he’s going back to the underused Pacific Theater.  And even better, it’s called Destroyer, a movie about… well, a U.S. destroyer under attack in the Pacific.

According to Heat Vision, it’s based on Hell From the Heavens by John Wukovits, the heroic story follows the crew from the USS Laffey defending their ship from an astounding 22 kamikaze attacks in the Pacific Theater of the World War II. Rosalind Ross is penning the script.

But there’s even more GOAT news…

Gibson has also apparently been approached to join the Mark Wahlberg-led 6 Billion Dollar Man.  That would also be good, especially if Gibson is the villain, but there is only one problem; the two might conflict and only one may be possible.

Either way, this calls for deployment of The Gif.