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Black On The ‘Humor’ Seen In The Predator

There have been some concerns about the trailer for The Predator.  Among them is a streak of ill-fitting comedy.  Some of it, along with heroic child in suburbia feeling, doesn’t seem to jive.

Possibly in response to that, or maybe not, director Shane Black tells Collider it’s ‘not going to be a comedy’:

“I think the reason there’s a lasting quality that the original movie has that’s due I think, in part to the fact that it was made before it was so easy to just do a bunch of CGI effects and before video games had taken hold as well. So, there was a more visceral kind of war movie thriller-esque quality to the material.

It [The Predator] is ultimately gonna be a thriller. It’s not gonna be a comedy. It’s an R-rated movie and it’s supposed to be a kind of harrowing experience. I think it goes to what Fred and I are very familiar with, which is, if you told me to write a comedy I’d be helpless, but if you say write a thriller and put some jokes in it, then fine. Then, I don’t have to worry… it’s that sort of combination and tone shuffling that becomes at once the juggling act and also the challenge, but the joy too of what we’re trying to do.”

Well it maybe be harrowing alright!  But let us hope not for the wrong reasons…