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Brett Azar Offered Terminator (2019) Role

The cogs in the new Terminator movie are starting to turn with another potential casting in the pipeline.  Brett Azar has been offered a role in the movie according to TheTerminatorFans:

Brett Azar has been sent an offer to be part of the next Terminator movie directed by Tim Miller. It is unknown if Mr. Azar will play a Terminator with his own likeness but one would assume he is being hired to bring more young CGI Schwarzenegger T-800 CSM-101 madness to the big screen.

There is more information at the link and, obviously, details on how this would not be Azar’s first Terminator rodeo, having filled in for Arnold Schwarzenegger as a double of sorts in the last movie.

Azar has had roles here in there including in the TV series Gotham and the Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson action comedy Central Intelligence.