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Cobra Kai Creators Tease More Returning Characters

The cameo at the end of the excellent Cobra Kai was the icing on the cake, and opens the door for season 2 being amazing again.  There could be other returning faces however.

JoBlo asked the creators, including Hayden Schlossberg, about possibilities.

Since Karate Kid 1-4 are considered canon, is there a thought or chance that we could see Hilary Swank’s character pop up at some point?

HAYDEN: I think anything is possible in the world of, y’know, a series and that part of the history of our universe and our characters. We approached the show with really focusing in on that first season, but we do have a plan for multiple seasons and places we want to go. There’s definitely characters from those original movies that we want to bring in and that could happen in all sorts of different ways. Obviously, we don’t want to spoil anything, but it’s absolutely-any character from this world is possible.

Obviously, Sensei Terry Silver (played by Thomas Ian Griffith) is one of the bigger names of the series mentioned during Sensei Lawrence’s committee plea.  Griffith is no longer acting (but is actually employed as a regular writer on Grimm), but this show is a roaring success and he could possibly be tempted.

There is also another notable Cobra Kai alumni who might be a possibility…

Sean Kannan (Mike Barnes) appears to be very enthusiastic about the show on Twitter.  Since Larusso stole one from him too, maybe the odds can be evened out.  Incidentally, Kannan suffered internal bleeding while filming the third movie, but completed filming despite near fatal surgery.  Kannan, a real martial artist, beat off 2,000 other contenders for the role.

That said, I think Larusso crossed no-one worse than Chozen.  I mean Yuji Okumoto has gotten back into acting again recently.

Fun question, who wins between Chozen and Mike Barnes?  Probably Barnes!  Barnes defeated Larusso in a non-sanctioned fight, whereas Chozen did not.  Barnes was probably, Barnes is clearly a better fighter than Lawrence and probably a better fighter than Chozen.  Really now, the only reason Barnes lost was because of his time wasting and fooling around, something you see the wise Sensei Silver become impatient with!

Mind you, Larusso’s fight with Chozen had interference from his woman… typical.