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Manly Man Jason Statham Shits On Comic Book Movies

Comic book movies are all over the place, not only are there too many, they’re getting progressively worse.  A year or two back Jason Statham revealed in an interview with AintItCool that he can’t stand comic book movies and would never appear in one.  For whatever reason, that interview is hard to find.  But in any case, a while after Chev Chelios made his feelings clear once again to“It’s all about money, kids pay money to go and see them,” Statham says.  “The fascination is superheroes, it’s what people want to go and see but you wouldn’t get me rushing to the cinema to see those.”  Right on!

Statham also confirms you won’t see him in a comic book movie anytime soon.  “I like old-fashioned type of film. They’ve never offered me a part in one of those and I don’t think the shoes would fit. Or the cape wouldn’t fit.”  Statham pretty much carried the old school action genre on his back in the 2000s.  It’s good to see he won’t defile his resume any time soon.  Even more reason to like Jason Statham!

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