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Might The New Walking Dead Game Best The Show?

Everyone knows that The Walking Dead TV series really hit the skids.  In fact smart people will probably tell you to quit on it as soon as Frank Darabont did (after season one).  It doesn’t stop the franchise being quite large still, with another video game in the works.

The trailer is above for Overkill’s The Walking Dead.  It will be an FPS survival horror game.

This shouldn’t be confused by a prior Walking Dead FPS released in 2013, nor the character-driven Tell Tale games.

Will it actually be worth more time than the bloated series?  Surely it can’t be worse?  Maybe it’ll even feature some zombies and lead characters who aren’t invulnerable know it all badasses.

Frank Darabont famously left the show in 2011, citing greed and ineptitude as being ruinous to the show.  Boy, was he ever right! In one June 2011 email to executive producer Gale Anne Hurd and others, he wrote, “Fuck you all for giving me chest pains because of the staggering fucking incompetence, blindness to the important beats, and the beyond-arrogant lack of regard for what is written being exhibited on set every day. I deserve better than a heart attack because people are too stupid to read a script and understand the words. Does anybody disagree with me? Then join the C-cam operator and go find another job that doesn’t involve deliberately fucking up my show scene by scene.”