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More Prison Break, 24, No More X-Files

Fox has been organizing its upcoming TV properties again.  First, they have apparently decided to call it a day on the X-Files (again).  According to Deadline, Gary Newman says the network has no plans to do any more episodes. Speaking yesterday, he said: “Its been a great show for the network but there are no plans to do another season at the moment.”

On the other hand, they’ve decided to push forward with more 24.  Dana Walden says executive producer Howard Gordon is working with creators Joel Surnow and Bob Cochran on a possible new iteration for the show.  Although I’m sure it’ll still be called 24; Legacy to retain the modern promotional end.

Finally, Fox is said to be pushing ahead with yet more Prison Break.

This is the piece of news to me that makes least sense.  Following two great seasons, this show kind of got progressively worse, then despite that was brought back from the dead with a fifth season.  I can’t attest to its quality, but I do know that I couldn’t finish the first episode.

Seems someone at Fox really likes this show.