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UPDATED: More Details On Rambo 5

UPDATED: Here are some new details on Rambo 5.

First, there will be no junior Rambo or ‘successor’, this was rumored at one point.  Second, the new film will begin shooting in September in London, Bulgaria, and the Canary Islands.  You see Bulgaria mentioned there, Avi Lerner is also involved.

Additionally, an update comes through on the story; Rambo is home in Arizona, and upon learning that a friend’s daughter has been kidnapped and forced into a sex trafficking ring, Rambo heads south and enters a bloody war with criminals.  Although this isn’t particularly new, it’s the same story that’s being going around for a while now.

PREVIOUSLY: Rambo 5 has been on again and off again over the years.  Now it appears it could be back on again. Deadline has reported this weekend that Sylvester Stallone will indeed be back for Rambo 5, which is looking to shoot later this year.

Stallone is working on the script and there’s a chance he could even direct.

“In the fifth episode of franchise, when the daughter of one of his friends is kidnapped, Rambo, who has been working on a ranch, crosses the U.S.-Mexican border and quickly finds himself up against the full might of one of Mexico’s most violent cartels.”

This appears to be the same story that has been floating around for a long time now.  Years ago, I was in contact with someone from Millennium, and they said they were looking to utilize sets from the movie Year One.  They’d also brought in a bunch of (United States) military trucks.  Then pre-production was halted, obviously.

Millennium is launching sales on the project in Cannes.

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