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Resident Evil 2 Remake News/Rumors

This isn’t exactly film news, but since the original Resident Evil games were as close to movies as you were going to get, and directly influenced by the Living Dead series, some nice rumors are finally emerging about the remake of Resident Evil 2.

For those unaware, the 1996 original was remade in 2002.  But a follow up and remake of the 1998 classic never came.  Instead the series took a different, more action-orientated direction with basic sequels.

For a while now though, Capcom has been cooking up that long awaited second remake, and it’s going to go right back to its roots of zombie survival horror.  Now, courtesy of RelyOnHorror, new (rumored) details are emerging:

  • The game will run on an improved RE Engine with an impressive lighting engine
  • The game will be aiming for a solid 30fps at 1080p on a standard PS4 and 60fps at native 4k on a PS4 Pro. Apparently the engine has a dynamic resolution when going into different rooms to help performance.
  • The game is designed with 4K in mind, Meaning that the assets will be in Native 4K resolution
  • Apparently going to be the best looking Resident Evil game.
  • The camera is OTS but “stylized”…I guess we will find out soon enough.
  • It will use a photogrammetry scanning Technology just like RE7 , but they state that they learned a lot from the Chris fiasco.
  • Claire will have a different outfit while retaining it’s familiarity
  • Capcom had brought in outside contractors who have worked on RE2 and RE4.
  • The game will include campaigns for both Leon and Claire, but despite the two campaigns the games length will be much longer than the original with additional areas.
  • Game sticks to horror and survival horror elements

The game, so they say, will be the best looking Capcom game ever made.  It will return to the original setting of a cop battling to survive in a city over run by zombie hordes, specifically in a police station.  As for the image of a zombie above, this is apparently not (confirmed as) a concept leak, but was this week uploaded by one of the developers as a ‘fun’ example of what a 2018 cinematic gaming zombie ‘could look like’.

Personally, the last Resident Evil release, game, movie or otherwise that I enjoyed was Resident Evil Zero.  The games, and certainly movies, just went completely off the rails.  Dumbed down, no character… I hope this is a severe dose of 1998 nostalgia.

And if its successful (boy will it ever be…), it will no doubt influence the tone of the movie reboot.