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Richard Donner On The Gilbert Gottfried Podcast

If you didn’t know it, then you do now — Gilbert Gottfried (AKA Sidney Bernstein) has his own regular podcast.  This week, he has Lethal Weapon (the real Lethal Weapon, that is) director Richard Donner on the show.

Here is the synopsis for the Donner episode;

Gilbert and Frank are thrilled to welcome producer-director Richard Donner (“Superman,” “The Omen,” “Lethal Weapon”), who discusses the importance of teamwork, the eccentricities of Marlon Brando, the joys of collaborating with Rod Serling and the challenge of (faithfully) adapting the Man of Steel for the big screen. Also, Gregory Peck cashes in, Gene Hackman plays hardball, Jackie Gleason bends the elbow and Richard recalls working with Hollywood’s greatest character actors. PLUS: Miguelito Loveless! “Nightmare at 20,000 Feet”! Celebrating Don Rickles! Gilbert auditions for “Scrooged”! And Richard remembers his friend Christopher Reeve!

I have not had time to listen to it as yet, so I cannot relay specifics from the discussion, but you can listen to the full show for free by clicking here.