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Ridley Scott On TV Beating Cinema

Some people are calling the current era of TV the ‘golden era’, while others lament a decline in quality in cinema.  Ridley Scott has been behind more TV ventures of late, including Jean Claude Van Johnson and The Terror.

Now speaking with IndieWire, Scott has spoken about quality in entertainment these days in cinema versus television. Asked how he feels about working on TV, he says:

“I really enjoyed it. I love the speed. I like working fast. I would certainly go ahead and do a show. Probably just a pilot, but you know, once you bite off a little bit you want to do the lot. I think doing the lot becomes pretty challenging if you’re doing a limited series. Six would be doable. Ten starts to get rather long.”

Scott also says as more and more viewers seek out and revel in all the ridiculous amount of quality series on TV, they’re less likely to go to cinemas:

“There’s so much original, inventive, innovative stuff coming out of television as well. It’s really presenting a big problem for the feature film business.”

I suppose streaming films aren’t going to do cinema any favors either…