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UPDATED: More Details On Crawford/Wayans Being Assholes

UPDATED 3X: Further details are emerging about the conduct of bush league Gibson and bush league Glover (the BLGs).

Variety says that bush league Gibson has somewhat of a temper, including a tirade over playing children nearby, demanding the crew to “Get ’em to shut the fuck up!”, and generally being aggressive.  The site also says that Crawford had his own loyal followers among the crew, with factions and in-fighting during production.

But it wasn’t just Crawford.  Wayans has also been described by Variety’s source as being ‘difficult’ to work with, with a passive aggressive demeanor as opposed to Crawford’s outright aggressive demeanor, which would include repeated profanity-laced tirades at members of crew and production.

The third series is still going ahead.

UPDATED 2X:  In another update from TVLine, lead co-star Clayne Crawford will be recast in an attempt to save the Lethal Weapon series.  However, multiple attempts have already failed, as several actors have turned the role down.  It’s unclear who they approached.

This doesn’t necessarily mean the series will continue however.  If the role isn’t filled by June 30th, it is said that Fox will pull the plug.

UPDATED: According to TVLine, Crawford is done. And probably the series as a whole.

If Fox decides to bring back Lethal Weapon for a third season — and that’s a big if — it will be without co-lead Clayne Crawford. Multiple sources confirm to TVLine that Fox and its studio partner Warner Bros. are actively searching for an actor to replace the embattled actor in the role of Martin Riggs. The outcome of the 11th hour recasting effort will largely determine whether Fox renews the series for Season.

When being called upon to star as Mad Max, Tom Hardy, already an A-lister, sought Mel Gibson’s approval.  For anyone who is interested, Mr. Crawford felt he did not require any blessing.  In fact, Wayans did not consult with Danny Glover either.

PREVIOUSLY: The TV series Lethal Weapon has had surprisingly strong ratings.  It was renewed for a second season.  However despite strong ratings continuing, it looks like a third season is still in question.

One of the co-leads, Clayne Crawford, who plays Martin Riggs, is apparently as asshat on set.

Deadline says that the actor has had a history of questionable behaviour on the show, and has been disciplined several times over complaints of emotional abuse and creating a hostile work environment. Things have reportedly escalated to a point where other actors and crew feel uncomfortable being on set with him.

The show is Fox’s number 2 and they don’t want to get rid of it.  They’re even exploring recasting Martin Riggs.  So it looks like Crawford is no Mel Gibson in more ways than one, who by all accounts everyone adored on the sets of the movies, and kept everyone entertained.