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First Look At Linda Hamilton As Sarah Connor In T6

Now that the real Terminator 3 is a thing and is actually underway, you can’t have T3 without Sarah Connor.  Remember, it was that Village People sequel that screwed things up by killing her off – that timeline is being erased from here on out.  Now courtesy of TheTerminatorFans, and Linda Hamilton Fans, we have our first behind the scenes look at Sarah Connor for a third time.

Here is a photo of Linda Hamilton in Madrid (Spain). Linda has been filming the new Terminator movie for the past couple of weeks and we can’t help but get excited. Madrid was the first first location, or at least the arrival point of cast/crew and Director Tim Miller before moving on to Almeria for a shoot involving skeletons and a crashed helicopter.

It’s kind of a big deal.  Many of us have been waiting 25 years for this kind of thing to fall into place.  The movie is currently underway in Madrid.  For the latest info on the movie, visit