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Fox Chairman Worried About Superhero Saturation

Does anyone even count how many comic book movies are now dominating cinema?  Last time I looked it was one major comic book movie every three months.  But that was years ago, it’s probably even more dense now.

Someone who is starting to have concerns about one-track Hollywood is Fox Chairman and CEO Stacey Snider who addressed a crowd the other day at CineEurope saying:

“The studios need to have a bigger appetite for big cinematic, tentpole-type entertainment that isn’t necessarily based on branded material. When you think about ‘The Greatest Showman’…what we had to hang onto was that the music was incredible and that, if ever there was a person to be ‘The Greatest Showman’ at Christmastime, it was Hugh Jackman. The same with ‘The Martian’ – it was based on a book that was self-published. It was hardly a bestseller… If we don’t continue to reach out to the folks that come more than just to see ‘The Avengers,’ we are going to have just the weekend business.”

Universal tried to buck the trend with its Dark Universe movement, but it seems that even with Tom Cruise front and center, that one could be DOA.