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New Predator To Engage In Fucking Tie Business, Pencil Pushing

They’re making a new Predator movie called The Predator.  Shane Black will direct, and has spoken of trying to take the movie in a different direction.  Apparently in the direction of Fucking Tie Business and perhaps rigid Pencil Pushing. Now actor Boyd Holbrook has spoken more of this to ScreenRant.

What I was attracted to in this is that there is this… this franchise lives, as it does, like something like Macbeth or Hamlet… What attracted me to this was that it was a completely new story. If you want to compare apples and oranges, [the first Predator’s] story is, you know, he’s an Austrian general or soldier, so that doesn’t really fit. With this character, I think what Shane wanted to do with the entire story is to give it a complete freshness… competitive to the demographic films that are also in this sort of genre. To give it like, a heartbeat. Going away from the sort of machismo, guns and [flexes arms] guns. That’s really what I took away from it. And I love that film! But I think we’re setting out to do something really different here.


You’re going to make a Predator sequel and then talk about how it’s going to shed its macho reputation?  Inferring that there was something dumb about the first and that the new film will be different (it’ll have a ‘heartbeat’, see…).

What’s also interesting is that Holbrook was told to put on muscle for the movie.  But of course they’re moving away from that sort of thing.