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Looks Like 10 Yr Old John Connor Is Returning

It looks like British child actor Jude Collie might be standing in for Edward Furlong’s John Connor in The Terminator.  Some information has been dug up by TheTerminatorFans;

Well, Edward Furlong might be back but not in the way fans would have anticipated. It looks like a British boy by the name of Jude Collie has landed a role in Terminator (2019) and could possibly be undergoing the Brett Azar treatment to bring a CGI young John Connor to the new Terminator movie (guess work). If this is true we will also make the guess that we may see Sarah and John hit the road from the events of the steel mill or some form of a flashback but if they dare change the ending of Terminator 2: Judgment Day (Uncle Bob lives)… we were promised a canon sequel so the the studios wouldn’t be stupid enough to alter T2’s story- but would they? Let’s pray this is a well executed minimal flashback scene.

The man in the picture is Brett Azar, who will apparently once again be standing in for Arnold Schwarzenegger’s T-800 CSM 101.  Who knows where they’re going with this movie, but what is certain is that it has got a lot to prove.