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Simmons: Mel Gave Sick Kids 20 Million

Gene Simmons is sick of hearing people shit on the GOAT.

The rock singer has spoken to MetalTalk about people getting blacklisted, including Mel Gibson.  Simmons says that there’s another side to Mr. Gibson, despite all of the hate he has gotten.  Gibson he says gave 20 million to some ailing kids.

“I don’t know anybody here who hasn’t said stupid things publicly or privately, and if they get outed, if you get caught on tape, from Mel Gibson to everyone… I know Mel
very well, and I’m Jewish myself, and he said some stupid things, racist things, anti-Semitic things when he was, you know, high or drunk or whatever.

“But I know the guy, I know that he gave a twenty-million dollar check to start mending kids privately and never talked about it, I know the guy that goes out of his way to help refugees and stuff like that and doesn’t advertise it.

This sounds about right.  It runs alongside what we posted a while back, of a parent boasting that Mel Gibson helped her ill daughter, secretly.