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UPDATED: TMoney Fires Back At Critics

UPDATED: Some people are currently questioning the cut of TMoney’s jib, as far as this sexual assault controversy goes.  And on social media, TMoney has fired back.

PREVIOUSLY:  Looks like TMoney’s Expendables run is over.  He will not appear in the fourth movie because of what Deadline describes as ‘vague threats’;

Terry Crews said he was threatened with retaliation for speaking out about a sexual assault by a Hollywood agent, saying the producer of The Expendables 4 warned of vague “troubles” unless he withdraws his civil suit.

Crews is going after Adam Venit over an alleged sexual assault in a civil case, after he was told a criminal case fell beyond the statute of limitations.

Meanwhile 50 ‘Curtis Jackson’ Cent created some controversy on social media for going after Crews’ allegations.  50 Cent posted the following on Instagram, before removing it;