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The Driver Is 40

One of the most underrated films from the 1970’s hits 40 now, The Driver.

This is a real man’s driving action/thriller, light years and entire galaxies ahead of something like Fast & Furious 6.  Here, the thrills don’t come in the form of cars flying without wings, rather they come in the form of a mere stick shift and the effect such an action has on the speakers of your TV/surround and the actual ‘driving’, such is the realism yet beauty of Walter Hill’s expert direction – the chase sequences are that good.  This is exactly the type of movie James Wan spoke of when he said he’d like to see the chase scenes in Fast 7 become more like the ones of old in the ’70s.  Of course Wan wasn’t talking shit and we seen the exact opposite.

They don’t make ’em like The Driver much these days…