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25 Years Ago… In The Line Of Fire

Manly Clint Eastwood movie In the Line of Fire was released 25 years ago.

Along with getting positive reviews, the film was a considerable financial success as well, earning $176,997,168 worldwide (over $102 million in North America and $74 million in other territories), while its budget was about $40 million.

Eastwood had a string of great films in the 1990’s, starting with The Rookie and ending with True Crime.

And in this movie, John Malkovich plays the perfect nut to bounce off Eastwood’s temperamental agent, even though the two only meet face to face at the end and their interactions are largely conducted over the telephone.

The movie also inserted digitized images from 1960s Clint Eastwood movies into the Kennedy assassination scenes. As Jeff Apple described it to the Los Angeles Times, Clint “gets the world’s first digital haircut”.