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An ‘Alien’ TV Series? Rock/Statham Movie News


There have been a few misfires with this franchise recently.  Actually, minus some good games, 21 years of misfires.  Ridley Scott shit the bed, twice.  That in itself probably killed the prospects of an Alien 3 reboot (though the Terminator 3 reboot’s box office might help it, since both are retcon concepts).

Now Fox wants to try again.

A new report at Omega Underground says the property might head to television. They say that although it has been discussed for years, FOX may be actually ready to announce the project soon – possibly in anticipation of the franchise’s 40th Anniversary next year.

They add that any potential series would not focus on the iconic Xenomorph creatures but would merely be ‘set within that world’.  All I know is, if that means it follows Ridley Scott’s shitty new ‘Star Trek‘ aesthetic, count me the fuck out.


According to Variety  Idris Elba is close to signing on as the villain in the upcoming Fast & Furious spin off starring The Rock and Chev Chelios.

If I remember correctly, Elba will play ‘Mr. Null’.

I have a better feeling about this film than the actual main franchise entries.  Others though, like Tyrese Gibson do not.  Universal plans to release the new film in cinemas on July 26th 2019.


Elsewhere, feeling lazy?  Arnold was in the gym yesterday working out with Hugh Jackman.  Not even Independence Day nor recent serious heart surgery stops this man.