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Arnold Now Filming ‘The Terminator’

Filming for the ret-conned Terminator 3 venture The Terminator is ongoing.  Arnold Schwarzenegger will return in the movie along with Linda Hamilton, her first real appearance in 27 years.  Now Arnold Schwarzenegger has apparently showed up to fill in his role in the movie.

TheTerminatorFans have the scoop on this;

Well, the sixth Terminator is doing a very good job of keeping things under wraps but Schwarzenegger has begun filming. Last week we reported on numerous news reports that said Schwarzenegger would begin his shoot sometime this week in Budapest, Hungary and it is now confirmed.

We know that Schwarzenegger is an environmental crusader and cares about our planet and global warming. Arnold still participates in politics and it’s one of his primary passions, so he does speeches and likes to commend countries for taking serious action in regard to the environment and saving our planet for future generations.

A video was also posted of how Arnold is looking during this phase of filming.

It’s unclear (to me anyway) what kind of role Schwarzenegger is going to play in this film.  Obviously, the T-800 CSM 101 is in its 30’s, so that’s where the body double will come in.  But how else will they use him?