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Boyd Holbrook Trashes Predator (1987) Again

A while back actor Boyd Holbrook boasted that The Predator is going to be more sophisticated than the original movie, which, insinuated Holbrook, was a bit crude with all that ‘machismo’.  Holbrook also talked about Shane Black re-tooling the franchise to compete with new movie demographics, i.e. leotard movies.

Now, speaking with the latest issue of Empire Magazine, Holbrook has taken further shots at the original 1987 movie.

This isn’t the 1980’s movie.  Which was so stereotypical.  You know, the Native American has the headband, the cowboy has the chewing tobacco and the smart guy has the glasses.  That’s just not relatable.  Hats off to the original but this one’s rooted in reality.  We’re letting the story speak for itself, rather than overriding it with those huge guns and oiled muscles.

Well that’s funny, Mr. Holbrook.  Because when it comes to lifting weights to appear in a Predator movie, last year in an interview with CinemaBlend, director Shane Black had been talking about this, you, in fact…

“You know, at some point we might beef up Mr. Holbrook a little bit, give him a physical workout schedule. That’s what we all had to do on the first Predator!

In the same (Empire) interview, Black says that re-shoots were merely to change the ending from day to night, to make the movie scarier…