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Conan Is Dead Again? Arnold Vs. Trump

Many of us have been holding out on Conan 3 being Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Rocky Balboa or Rambo, i.e. the movie that’ll put him back on a respectable track after a string of suspect duds.  We haven’t heard anything about The Legend of Conan for a while.

Speaking to Collider this week, producer and screenwriter Chris Morgan has been discussing the film, revealing that his ‘Unforgiven-style’ take on the barbarian is no longer moving ahead, as well as teasing what he had in store for the movie.

Conan will always have life in it, not for us unfortunately,” said Morgan. “We put together a great, great story –I’m the biggest fan of the [John] Milius Conan film, a lot of people make fun of it but I think it’s the smartest script, I think it’s a great performance, I love the story. It actually has something to say about what it is to be a man and a warrior, what’s worth fighting for and what’s not, I’ve always loved it. To me there’s only been one Conan movie and it’s that one, there’s never been anything else.


Elsewhere, Arnold has been sharing his dislike of Donald Trump.