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Marshall-Green On Turning Down Terminator 3

Several actors were slated for the role of John Connor in Terminator 3.  One actor was Logan Marshall-Green, who ultimately turned down a chance to appear in the film.

Marshall-Green has revealed on the Maltin on Movies podcast (via Nerdist) this week that before Stahl was cast, Marshall-Green was offered and turned the part down to focus on his education:

“I actually went on my first audition and booked it – in school – and I only went on the audition knowing I wouldn’t book it, and I wouldn’t have the deal, and it was for Terminator 3. I think Nick Stahl would play the role, and Jonathan Mostow was the director and they were going through all these machinations of starting a fellowship at NYU under my name if I had to leave early and I told them no.

I wanted to graduate and I come from an academic background and more than anything I was with my fellow classmates for three years, I wasn’t going to just leave in the middle of it. That was a hard thing for Jonathan Mostow to swallow but it set me up, I think, to really only go after what I believe in.”

Jonathan Mostow is the director who laughs on the DVD commentary about the nude arrival thing in the Terminator, and admitted not knowing why it was necessary.