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More Reshoots For The Predator

According to a recent listing from Production Weekly, The Predator is set to undergo additional photography on July 28 and 29. This would be the second time the project goes through reshoots.

The first reshoots that took place back in April changed about three-quarters of the movie’s third act.  The movie is released this September, so the cake is being pulled out of the oven for adjustments quite late in the day.

Feedback so far for the movie has been negative, with some upset with too much inappropriate humor and others complaining about giant ‘Super Predators’.  Actor Boyd Holbrook is also apparently bent on shitting on the first movie as a method to promote the new movie.  That is not going down well here.

In other related news, some Predator fans may have earlier read a report stating that the upcoming movie will introduce female predators.  Fortunately, that rumor has turned out to be false as Bloody Disgusting has confirmed that movie does not feature a female Yautja.

That, likely, would’ve been the final insult.