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Rambo 5 Filming In Spain?

Those Rambo 5 rumors are circulating again.  A while back it was said that the movie would begin filming in September.  Given how close September is getting, it looked like that may not be the case with how little we have been hearing.

Now though further information has surfaced.  According to Omega Underground:

Rambo 5 aka Rambo: The Last Blood is finally coming together as previously reported by Deadline with production set to start in September.

Omega Underground has learned that filming is expected to begin on September 1st.

The website also says that the film will head to Spain and the Canary Islands, to fill in for Arizona/Mexico.  They must have been inspired by the remake of Terminator 3, which is also filming in Spain and filling in for a similar part of the USA.

The fifth film will see John Rambo take on the Cartel, after they kidnap a daughter of a friend of Rambo’s and enter her into a sex trafficking ring.  It sounds like it could be Taken on steroids.

This is a dicey business though.  Rambo (2008) tied the series up nicely.  Is Sylvester Stallone doing the right thing?